Shy or Introverted? Science Says Try Talking Less and Touching More

Most guys think the key to success with women is knowing what to say to and when to say it…

That the right pickup line can be the difference between a wild night of fun and going home alone.

But the truth is, pickup lines and “routines” are rarely effective.
In fact, nowadays, most girls are so tired of hearing these “lines”… that they’re practically on guard waiting to say “get lost!” to the next guy who tries use one.
What You Should Be Doing Instead…
Scientific studies have confirmed that the easiest way to get a woman interested in you is to make her feel something.
And the most effective way to make her feel something is through physical touch.
No, I’m not talking about the intimate things you’d do in the bedroom – I’m talking about very specific and strategic ways you should touch a woman – especially when you first meet her!
Science Proves How Powerful Touch Is To Women…

A study from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine has shown that women have more than double the density of nerve receptors in their skin than men do.
Not only that, but a study out of McMaster University in Toronto showed that other “touch receptors” in women’s fingertips are much more closely packed-together than men’s.
As a result, women feel contact with their skin at least twice as much as men do… and some researchers think it could be up to ten times as much!

Why is touch so effective on a woman?

Well, when you touch a woman, it releases chemical into her body called oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” This creates a feeling of trust and connection between her and the person touching her.
Oxytocin also has a very powerful effect on a part of the brain known as the “prefrontal cortex.” This makes her feel warm, relaxed and even turned on.
So with just a simple touch… a woman will get interested and turned on very quickly.
Now am I saying you don’t have to talk to a woman at all? Of course not…
But what I am saying is that you can be a relatively untalkative and even shy guy, and as long as you can carry on a bit of a conversation, the power of touch can do the rest for you…
But only if you touch her “the right way!”

All this information is only valid if you touch a woman in the right way. There are hundreds of wrong ways you can touch a woman that will turn her off… or can even send her running for the hills altogether.
A mentor of mine, nicknamed Magic, created a simple, 3-step formula that makes this all dead easy.
And it’s so powerful, it can melt even the coldest “ice queen” into a warm, a lustful girl who’s eager to be with you.
One of Magic’s students was recently nice enough to create a short presentation on this method and it’s available to Gotham Club readers, free, for a limited time.
Be warned, this presentation is a little controversial.
In it, you’ll discover exactly when and how to touch a woman to get her interested in you. After this, you will never have to use a pickup line again!
And it will certainly help you a ton if you feel like you’re shy or nervous around women or just run out of things to say.

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