Why do women moan and groan in bed?

A woman’s moan and groans during sexual intercourse do not always mean that you are doing good job
The joyful sounds a woman makes for guys could either mean one is a great lover and ultimately great at sex or most commonly that one is gifted and blessed. If you know what I mean….
Sorry to bust your bubble but the moans and screams have nothing to do with one’s junk.
The moaning and screaming have everything to with pride and not the lady’s pride.
The study suggests that “over 85 percent of women make lots of noise simply to boost their partner’s sex self-esteem”. Disappointing right?
The study was conducted with 70 heterosexual females who were asked whether they were more likely to reach orgasm during masturbation, foreplay, or intercourse.
“They (the females) made a lot more noise when they were having sex, right before and during their partner’s orgasm.”
Yes, the reason most women make noise in bed is to turn their partner on.
In fact, almost 80 percent said they make noise even when they knew there was no chance they were going to reach orgasm themselves.”
Sometimes, according to the site, women scream and moan to help their partner ‘cum’ quickly in order to end the sexual activity.
You know, one of those, ‘can this guy just hurry up and finish, I have a date with a hunk’ type of situation.
According to CNN’s Chart Blog, ladies who fake orgasm and moan for no reason are not doing themselves any favours as this gives their partner an impression that he is doing everything right when he actually isn’t.
“If you’re faking an orgasm, you are signalling to your partner that he is doing everything right, when in fact he isn’t,”.
Women should be using vocalisation (moaning and screaming) during sex to channel their partners into doing exactly what they want.
What this means is that, they should scream and moan only when he is hitting the ‘notes’ and basically just ‘lay’ there non-responsive if he is not.

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