Reflexology is an art of massaging different parts of the body that correspond with other areas so that there’s a far-reaching effect of relaxation. However, there are some spots that can trigger arousal, too.
Michelle Ebbins, a reflexology expert, recently shared some of the best ways to get down and dirty with little more than a touch on First up, to tickle a partner’s brain – a central spot for any kind of sexual activity – gently massage the scalp and hair. Try rubbing the big toe as well to improve circulation and increase sensory stimulation.
While down at the feet, try pressing the hollow spot by the ankle in slow thumb circles. Ebbins explains that “pressing here is a direct energy channel to these responsive sexual organs.”
Stimulating the breasts is a more basic kind of massage, but is effective nonetheless. The middle and upper part of the foot corresponds to the chest, so massing that point can help stimulate the breasts.
But be sure not to ignore the lower stomach, either. Ebbins states that it’s one of the most sensitive areas for both men and women, especially right by the pelvic bone, where the blood travels to the “entire sexual region.” The inner edge of the foot can be massaged to tap into this hot spot.
Ears, eyes, legs and hips can all be stimulated through a thorough foot rub as well. The interconnected network of nerves that travels from the feet to other parts of the body may explain a partner’s enthusiasm for that special kind of massage in a whole new way.
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