Things Every Guy Wants To Hear In Bed

Wan’t to heat things up between the sheets with your man? Here are 10 things you can say that guarantee the best sex
Having sex can be fun and it gets even better when you talk dirty. But what does he really want to hear? Well, we spoke to a few men about what would drive them absolutely crazy (in a good way) in bed.
1. You are a great kisser: Kissing can be a really sensual experience and often is the deciding factor on whether things will move on to sex or not. So complimenting him on his kissing ability tells him that he is on the right track. Apart from that it also helps heat things up since your man will definitely try to kiss better by making it that much more intense.
2. Oh! I love it when you do that: Telling your man exactly what you like is often the easiest way to have great foreplay and sex. When you whisper or moan that what he is doing feels absolutely great, it only serves to show him that he is on the right track. 3. Shout his name: Men love it when their woman call out their name in the throes of passion. This is because they tend to feel encouraged about the fact that they are making you feel pleasure. Believe it or not men need to be reassured that they are performing well, and communication is the key. So shout, moan or simply whisper his name into his ear and watch the passion soar.
4. I want you right now!: That primal growl of need is something that men love. The desperation in your voice for him to take you to another level of ecstasy is definitely something a man would love to hear. Add a bit of urgency to your voice and watch your partner want a lot more than foreplay.
5. That was/is amazing: After the act or even during, complimenting your partner’s ability to satiate your desire is key to making him feel adequate and well equipped (pun intended). Apart from that it also helps him feel on top of this world. 6. Moaning: Shouting out or simply moaning while he is pleasuring you is a great way to get the message across that your partner is making you feel great. Also, men do say that the sound of moaning can be so sensual that it often is the one thing that makes them orgasm. So moan away, and tell your partner how well he is doing.
7. Oh my God! Don’t stop, don’t stop! : That urgency in your voice will definitely turn your man on. This line also helps tell your partner that he is doing exactly what makes you feel good, making him believe that he is doing what he set out to do perfectly.
8.I never knew sex could be this good: The fact that you are surprised and absolutely immersed in the pleasure he is providing will definitely give your man that extra ego boost. This line also helps tell him that the amount of pleasure he is giving you is something you didn’t imagine possible. Let’s face it, men love to feel like a superhero.
9. You are the best I’ve ever had: Okay, this might be a little risqué as some men might not like the idea of you having been intimate with another man. But this line is often great to bolster his ego. Knowing that he is much better than the rest, adds to the feeling that he is perfect and can make him feel even more pleasure.
10. OMG! you are so big: A man does love it when his woman compliments his ‘man parts’. What adds to this is when you say it with pleasure written all over your face. It makes your man feel like he is rocking your world and is the absolutely best at what he is doing.

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