WOMEN, sucking a dick should not be something difficult like you make it look, first of all, you should only suck a dick that you are comfortable with , otherwise don’t even bother.
And its not how deep you push it down your throat that matters, what matters is how your tongue plays around it. Put it in the mouth and start sucking is as though it’s a lollipop, whatever you do with a lollipop, you can do with a dick.
Suck it, pass ypur tongue around the tip, enter it in and out, as you play with the enter area with your fingers, and the way you hold it relly matters, take hold of it as though you are holding of it as though you are holding soda bottle, but don’t hold tight , remember it’s a muscle so it needs the blood to flow. If you must pass your teeth around it do it gently, dont bite.
It’s your toy play wuth it in anywa you want, be free with it.


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