WOMEN if you decide to elongate your labias, locally known as okusika ebigagga please take note of following the labia minor stretches from the pussy entrance all the way to the top near the clit.
During pulling make sure you pull in between. Elongated labias are meant to add beauty to your pussy, rather than making it ugly.
You find some Ladies when they have pulled the clit and their pussies looks ugly and scary, one might think it’s a tumor of some sort. If you over pull up there, yes the labias will be elongated but the clit will also be pulled outside and it will end up hanging out and making the pussy very ugly and scary.

If you pull without proper procedure you will end up losing the intended purpose of the whole exercise.
Make sure you pull the area and the pussy entrance , therefore you will get elongated labias that also make the pussy look appetizing.
So if you are planning to starte pulling or if you intend to increase the size of your labias please take note don’t wait for men to run away every time you undress for them.


  1. Ladies who haven’t done it look funny, she cannot undress while the guy looking at her, she knows she is incomplete. It’s like an uncircumcised man he will hide when he goes to urinate. So please let the girls do the needful and let the guys go for circumcision. Come style up guys!

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