How To Reach Your Orgasm

Enjoy this selection of alternative sex positions, designed specifically to help you achieve your orgasm.

Are you fed up of having average sex with no climactic end? Not all women are able to orgasm during sex, but for many of us, we may just not be giving ourselves the best opportunities. Often we think we can improve our sex lives and chances of reaching an orgasm during sex by attempting to discover new sex positions; often ones that look like they can only be pulled off by people who belong to a circus. All you really need to do though is to tweak the most well-known sex positions so that you can get the most pleasure out of them.
Try out these new re-worked sex positions and find out how to do it right, and reach your peak.

1 Keep it Simple: Missionary with a Twist
Remember, sex is about the sensations, not acrobatics. If you concentrate too much on what you might consider to be advanced sex positions that require strength and balance, then you won’t be able to focus on what you need to focus on, which of course, is your pleasure.
So keep it simple. Lie on your back and have him enter you from above with a pillow underneath you so that your hips are tilted. Now, with him sitting up and inside of you, twist your body so that your leg comes over to the other side of his body and you are lying on your side. Now you can grind against the inside of his leg to create friction and pressure for your clitoris.
Get him to bend over and kiss you gently all the way up your waist.

2 Backwards Cowgirl with a Twist
Any position where you are on top is going to be good for your orgasm, because you are in control of the speed and depth of penetration. But you can make the woman on top position even more exciting for him, not to mention more stimulating for you, by turned to face away from him, and then twisting to one side slightly and straddling his thigh.
He’ll get a glorious view of your sexy back and ass, while you can focus on rubbing yourself up against his leg!

3 Mix and Match Sex Positions
There’s nothing like a bit of variety to liven the senses and add a bit of spontaneity to your sexual routine, especially when you mix and match your sex positions in an order that will facilitate your orgasm, and even improve it!
For example, you could just do the missionary position all the way from the beginning to the end, because it’s familiar and you know you can reach your orgasm this way… Or you could start off on your back with your legs up on his shoulders and a pillow underneath your hips for the better part of your sex session; which will allow for deeper thrusting and the hitting of the oh-so-important G spot, building you up towards your orgasm slowly. Then when you are ready to peak, you can bring your legs down back into missionary, and have him align his body with yours so that can finish off your orgasm with the clitoral stimulation.
The result? Not just an orgasm; but a far more intense orgasm than you would have had with only one sex position or the other!

4 The Lazy Doggie Position
What many men don’t tend to realize is that when a woman wants to reach her climax, she grinds! And the reason for this is that the grinding motion means that she can rub her clitoris and G spot against something, which is what builds her up towards orgasm. Many men mess things up for a woman when she is trying to grind, by changing the angle of thrust and penetrating by going in and out rather than grinding.
If you want a position that will prevent your guy from interfering, so that you can focus entirely on the build up of your own sensations, the lazy doggie is perfect.
It is similar to the doggie style sex position in that your man is entering you from behind, but instead you are lying on your stomach with a pillow underneath the lower part of your abdomen, so that you have something to grind against. All he has to do is enter you from behind, which will be at the perfect angle for his penis to rub against the front wall of your vagina where all the nerve endings are.
He can turn you on even more if he leans over you and whispers dirty talk in your ear, or gently pins your wrists to the bed to assert his masculinity and tap into your fantasies

5 When Two Become One
Ever heard of the coital alignment position? If not, you probably integrate it into your sexual routine without even realizing it. It is very similar to the missionary sex position, but the man places the full weight of his body on top of the woman, lifting his elbows off the bed, and rocks into her as he penetrates.
When used after a good foreplay session, and when practiced slowly, savouring the sensations and the intimacy of the close body contact and friction being  created down below, this sex position is sure to bring a woman to a powerful climax.
It is all about tuning into your senses, and being aware of everything that turns you on, by moving slowly and purposefully. If you place a pillow underneath your bum you will enable your man’s penis to rub against your G Spot better.

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