How to Ask For Nudes and Receive a Gallery of Naughty Pictures

If you want someone to send you naughty pictures, you first have to learn how to ask for nudes the right way. We know just how to help you out.

There’s definitely a right and a wrong way to get someone to send you naughty pictures. If you just flat out ask for them out of nowhere, you’ll be disappointed with the response. Luckily for you, we have just what you need to learn how to ask for nudes and actually get what you want.

How exchanging naughty pictures can actually strengthen your bond
You may not be thinking about building a stronger connection when you’re asking for nudes, but that doesn’t mean it won’t automatically happen. The reason for this is simple: you build stronger trust.
Everyone knows how easy it is to have their naked photo end up online somewhere. And yet many people exchange naughty selfies with their significant other all the time. The reason they do this is because they trust them.
When you exchange such a vulnerable photo, you’re putting a lot of trust in your partner. You’re trusting them not to show anyone and not to leak it online. The more you do this, the stronger your bond becomes. The more you trust your significant other and that can add value to your relationship in ways you may not realize.
How to ask for nudes and get exactly what you want
If you really want to get some sexy pictures from your significant other, you’ll have to learn how to ask for nudes. There are specific things you need to do in order to make them WANT to send you those types of pictures.
If you want to turn up the heat in your relationship and keep that spark alive, sending nudes is the way to go. Here’s how to ask for nudes and get your partner on board with sexting in this way.

1 Establish trust. Without trust, you’ll never be able to get someone to send you a naked selfie. If they think you’ll just save the photo and show all your friends or post it online, they’ll never send it.
That’s why you need to establish trust. The tricky part about this is that it doesn’t happen overnight. They need to get to know you and see that you’re a good person. So make sure you’re providing them with that opportunity. If they don’t get it, they won’t feel comfortable sending you nudes.
2 Engage in sexting regularly. If you want to know how to ask for nudes, you need to work up to it. And that means sexting. The best way to get someone in the mood to send you naughty pictures is to get them turned on.
If you’re already engaging in dirty texting, it just makes sense that you’d work up to sending naked pictures. If you do this often enough, it’ll become second nature for that person to just send them on their own when you’ve been sexting for a little while.
3 Know what turns them on. This is crucial for getting them to send you nudes. If you want them to send naughty pictures, you have to get them in a naughty mindset. And that’ll only happen if you know what turns them on.
That way, you can easily send some dirty texts to get them in the mood. The more turned on someone is, the more likely they are to send you some dirty pictures. So figure out their turn-ons and put those to work through sexting.
4 Start simple and build up. If you straight up ask for nudes when you barely even sext or aren’t intimate in person at all, you’ll get denied. This is a slower process than you might think at first. But if you do it right, you’ll get nudes all the time.
So start out slow. Build up to an intimate conversation. Then take things down the road of sexting and see how they play out. If the person is uncomfortable sexting, they won’t want to send you nudes. So gauge their interest with naughty texting first. Then make your way to asking for nudes.
5 Talk about how much you love their naked body. This is a great topic to cover when you’re sexting. Obviously, this only works if you’ve actually seen their naked body. So make sure that’s already been checked off.
In order to learn how to ask for nudes, you have to learn how to show someone you appreciate their body. And to do that, you have to have seen it. But if you have, telling them how much you love and miss it is a great way to get those naughty pictures.
6 Make them think it was their idea. This is, by far, the best way to get nudes sent to you. If you make them think it was their idea all along, they’ll want to do it. To do this, you have to be a little sneaky. Dropping phrases like, “I miss your naked body. It’s like I forgot what it looks like,” can get you nudes easily.
7 Don’t expect them. This is just something to remember whenever you ask for nudes. You can’t expect to receive them ever. It’s not your place to think people will send you nudes. It’s always up to them and they might not always want to. So be patient and you’ll get your nudes.
8 Start over snapchat first. The reason for this is simple: the photos disappear. This might make them more comfortable with the idea of sending nudes. If you start by texting and things take a turn for the naughty, move to snapchat.
Sending some cute photos with naughty captions can make them think about sending you naked selfies. When they know the photos will disappear after a few seconds, they’ll feel more comfortable sending some riskier pictures.
9 Tell them how much you want to see specific body parts. Be very specific when you’re sexting. If you tell someone you want to see their sexy abs, they’ll probably send you a picture of them!
This is a great way to slowly work up to sending naughtier photos to each other. When you specify what you want to see, it takes the guess work out of them snapping the perfect picture. If you want to see a girl’s boobs, tell her that. She’ll be more likely to send them if she knows you’ll want to see them.
10 Show your appreciation often. This is a must. You always have to appreciate every single nude picture you receive. You might not think this is essential for actually getting someone to send you more nudes, but it is.
If they know you’re grateful and appreciate their photos, they’ll send more. They want to make you happy and if you’re showing appreciation and making them feel great for sending them, they’ll send them more.
Knowing how to ask for nudes has a lot more to do with building trust and a stronger connection within your relationship than you may realize. If you do these things and ensure a healthy relationship, you’ll get those nudes.

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