So, women moan for both real and fake reasons.
I want to clarify that some women may naturally moan louder than others, for whatever reason. How can you tell which of the above 6 reasons is causing your woman to moan?
First, remember that real moans are generally quietly done when something really feels good. So if you are purposely trying to make her feel good, and she lets out a soft to medium volume moan, then it is probably real.
Other than that, you have to have sex with her more than once and get to know her natural behaviors in bed.
Once you get a feel for how she acts in bed, you will be able to tell if she always moans in bed or only on occasions where she is in a rush or not feeling good (that’s a good thing that she’s trying to move things along).
If you feel that her moan is fake, don’t call her on it. She is most likely trying to make you feel good in bed, and if you call her on it, she will feel like her efforts have failed.
You don’t want to make her feel bad, you just want her to be real.
Therefore, tell her how much you love the fact that she can be real with you in the bedroom. The more you assure her that being real is all you want, the more she will be real.

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