5 Sex Signs Of Being In Love

Want to know if you’re in love? Sex can answer the question for you! Here are the most obvious sex signs that you’ve completely fallen for your man.

If you’ve ever had really good sex, you know that your whole body feels different. You feel beautiful, sexy and happy. Even your skin and your hair seem to cooperate more, and your clothes fit a little bit better. You smile more, and people notice how happy you are because it shows—inside and out.
But, how do you know if you’re in love and not just having really great sex? There are slight differences.

1. You reach orgasm quickly

For some women, reaching orgasm is a debacle and a huge source of stress. When you’re with a new partner, you’re probably more distracted by whether or not your clitoris is going to show up for the game than you are about connecting with your partner.
However, when you’re really in love with someone, you’ll notice that your body starts taking over, and those concerns you have about climaxing melt into the back of your mind.
Relaxing with a partner you love and trust is one of the most efficient ways to have an orgasm. If you’ve had a bad experience with a man, or are really insecure about how much work an orgasm takes, it’s hard to just lean into the experience and have fun.
You’ll know you’re in love when your orgasms come easily and quickly, without really even having enough time to think, “I wonder if I will have an orgasm this time.”

2. You’re genuinely curious about what your partner wants
A lot of times, we ask our partners what their fantasies are out of a desire to try something new or to feed into our insecurities (“Oh, he likes pigtails and skirts? I’m too old for him.”).
When we’re really in love, though, we find ourselves thinking, “I want to know what my lover’s fantasies are so that I can have that experience with them.” You both genuinely seek out more ways to please each other, and it’s exciting and romantic when you do.
There’s a difference between loving and lusting when it comes to fantasies, role play and trying new or kinkier things. You’re connecting over the things you want rather than just going at it like rabbits to reach orgasm. You’ll know you’re in love when you’re both trying new things and exploring each other’s bodies and limits.3. You’re not insecure

Everyone is at least a little insecure the first time they get naked in front of another person—even at the doctor’s office—but being with someone sexually leaves more than just our skin exposed.
We all have histories with our bodies, some more traumatic than others, and we all bring our own perceptions of sex and body image to the table. In an unhealthy relationship or a short-term fling, your body image issues may be exacerbated, and you’ll find yourself turning out the lights or covering up quickly.
You’ll know you’re in love when you’re comfortable in your own skin and when you’re OK with the parts of you that weren’t sure about before. Your partner will likely worship every inch of your body, and that level of security and romance can really help you to come out of your shell. You’ll have the best sex of your life once you reach this point!

4. You trust your partner completely
When you find a partner you love, you’ll find that sex loses all of the previous negative power it held in your life. If you’ve had a traumatic experience, or just a bad breakup, you might find yourself unable to enjoy sex 100% because your own mind isn’t in it.
With a lover who loves you in return, however, you’ll find yourself relinquishing a lot of that stress and letting them do things with you that you never even thought you’d be able to do.
Maybe it’s trying a new position, using toys, role playing or just doing it with the lights on. The right partner will bring out your inner sex god or goddess because they know exactly what you need to feel comfortable.

5. You connect intensely during sex

Almost everyone loves sex, and if you’re having good sex, you want to have more of it. When you’re in love, the level of connection you reach while having good sex is just out of this world. It doesn’t have to be cheesy eye contact or kissing deeply, and it doesn’t have to be slow or sweet.
Maybe the two of you move together like you’ve been doing this a long, long time, or maybe you know exactly what spots to touch to send each other over the edge. Whatever it is, you’re connecting and telling the other person, “I know you.” What’s hotter than that?
What about you? Think you’re in love? Next time you’re making hot n’ heavy love with your partner, see what subtle cues your body is giving you. Love and sex aren’t always the same thing, but when you find both, you’ll know.

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