5 Confronting Questions You Must Ask Yourself About Your Failures With Women

I’m going to make this easy for you.
You’re not being rejected because of your lack of knowledge or experience.
You didn’t get shot down because your routine stack wasn’t big enough or it was only the first approach of the day. She didn’t say ” Sorry, I have a boyfriend…” because you didn’t include enough DHV spikes in your opener or because you didn’t know how to transition to a natural conversation.
It’s something far simpler.
And if you’re not sure, here are 5 questions that will help you see EXACTLY why women are giving you the cold shoulder:
1. Can you calmly and confidently look a woman in the eye and say “Everything’s going to be Ok. I can take care of it all. You just be and do what you want and I’ll look after the rest” or are you waiting for a reassuring smile and a gentle hand on your arm before you feel this for yourself?
2. Are you able to freely and easily connect with people around you or do you have to wait for them to make you feel safe before you open up?
3. Do you bring excitement, passion, and life to the conversation or are you waiting for her to supply it?
4. Do you know what you want, where you’re going, and how you’re getting there so that your life is an adventure or are you trying to make her the adventure?
5. Do you thoroughly and completely enjoy your own company or do you need others to bring fun, happiness, and fulfilment to your world?
Go through each one and take some time to consider your answers carefully.
Don’t pick the one that makes you look good because there was this one time, about 5 years ago, when it was true.
Skewing the truth to make yourself feel better isn’t going to help anyone.
Don’t pick the answer where you can find one or two examples where this is true, pick the answer where you struggle to find examples where it’s not true.
So, what are your answers and are you still surprised why women aren’t magnetically drawn to you?

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