3 Compliments and 2 Questions Every Couple Should Ask After Sex

How do you know if your partner needs sex if you don’t ask?

What if they didn’t give any sign of it? How do you make your partner happy after sex?

How do you even have satisfactory sex?

Men are known for falling asleep almost immediately after sex, will it be easy for them to make any compliment or even have time asking questions? It depends on what they will get out of doing so.

Well, we can’t get tire of talking about sex in marriage, can we? Even the Bible says if you are getting pressed for sex too much, go and marry. This simply means part of the reason for marriage is sex.

Have you asked yourself this, if there is nothing special about sex, why would unmarried youths want to practice it too? I hope you can get my point. There something spectacular about sex that we may have to keep learning daily.

This piece will definitely answer some questions on sex, definitely, and it will to give us another views to intercourse between couples. Just follow closely.

1. THANK YOU Saying “Thank you” after sex is one of the best ways to compliment your partners of their matrimonial duty. Now, let’s get this straight. This isn’t either man or woman’s duty. Both partners need to thank each other.

You may want to know the real reason for this. No reason actually, but psychologically it encourages love, increases bonds and performance. Would you say thank you to your spouse after sex today?

2. YOU ARE GREAT Have you ever told your partner how great he or she is in bed? You haven’t. Then you won’t know what you are missing. You won’t know how much of their morals you’ve killed.
When next you finish having sex with your partner, use this compliment, “You are great” Note: You won’t or you may not feel anything first or second time you say this, but be rest assured that you and your partner will soon adopt this language after each sex when you realise what wonders it does.
You must also note that there is no hard and fast rule about this, if on the other hand, your partner didn’t perform to your expectations, you are free to say it, but politely.
If you have been complimenting them for doing great, it won’t be out of place to point out where you expect more.

3. YOU SMELL GOOD You didn’t expect good smell after rubbing bodies and generate heat that will in turn lead to profuse sweats. Even if you do it under air conditioned atmosphere, you will sweat. I doubt it if sweat smells good. And this isn’t one person’s sweat but two. So you get my point.
What if you take all these into consideration and still perceive sweet aroma of your two bodies? It happens. You just have to take the cognizance of the fact that this is your partner that we are talking about, you have to say something lifting after the “do”.
This is another reason why taking a light shower is encouraged before sex, you are supposed to always look forward to a new session with each other. Will you tell your partner he or she smell good, when next it happens? Good. Please do.

4. CAN WE DO MORE When men want to do more they don’t fall asleep after the sex, have you noticed that? They will push for more. But they don’t this all the time. They expect the woman would raise it sometimes, so they won’t look inconsiderate or like the one that derive the pleasure the most.

Women, don’t want to ask for more, even though they need more. Why is this so? New couples are the ones talking freely to each other about their feelings after sex. Old couples don’t. This isn’t supposed to be so.

Studies have shown that old couples, especially wives tend to shy away from asking their husbands for more, they consider it shameful. While the husbands think it’s their right. Sex is for both parties and it must be both enjoyed. Can women atop dying in silence?

5. ARE YOU SATISFIED When it comes to sex, men are selfish. Studies have shown that higher percentage of men don’t satisfy their wives sexually. Men are mostly about themselves. This is wrong. It isn’t supposed to continue like that.

Men should ask their wives if they are satisfied. If the woman says no, they should do it again. If it’s the man that’s not well satisfied, he should be allowed another session. Simple!

Honestly, if a man has sexual intercourse with his wife bearing in mind that he must first and foremost help his wife orgasm, the sex will be so great. I think many men don’t know. Working towards your own satisfaction in sex isn’t only selfish but also barbaric.
Do you really want to increase your sexual life with your partners? Always find out if they are satisfied.

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