Topics to Talk About With a Girl: Evergreen Topics

Getting to know her and finding out as much as possible by following the steps I just discussed is definitely the best way to find topics to talk about with a girl you are on a date with. Nevertheless, it is always good to have a few topics in the back of your mind that you can use, because you know that they will transform a potential train wreck into an amazing date.
If you are like me and you are totally into shy and reserved girls, you will experience it quite a few times that the woman who sits next to you isn’t the most talkative person in the world. I have been on dates with girls who hesitated to tell me what they like and what they don’t like, because they were afraid to say something wrong.
Even though I think that this is very cute, it isn’t helpful when it comes to finding the right topics to talk about. In those situations it is extremely powerful to know the 14 evergreen topics to talk about with a girl that make her spread her legs for you.
1. Her Passion
When I think about topics to talk about with a girl, the first thing that comes to my mind is her passion. I know that the word passion is nowadays used within every second sentence, but it is still one of the best topics you can possibly talk about.
It is ridiculous when a girl tells you that her biggest passion is eating ice cream (I had that pleasure), but when a woman tells you that her biggest passion is to help people to become healthy by fulfilling her duties as a nurse, you should definitely talk about that with her.

She might just be the woman you are going to marry…
In case she works as an accountant in a big company her passion is most likely not related to her job. If she works in this nine to five hamster wheel for over ten years, she has probably already forgotten that something like passion exists.
Help her to connect with her passionate side.
Whenever we human beings talk about our passions in life, we get energetic, excited and we release a lot of endorphins. She will then link all those positive emotions to you.
2. The Importance of Family
One of the reasons why I prefer foreign women is because those girls tend to identify themselves a lot more with traditional family values. I love my family and the last thing I want is to date a girl with some severe father issues who freaks out whenever her parents visit her. This is especially important when you are on a date with a girl who was born and raised in a very traditional culture that places a lot of importance on family. You won’t believe how many times this topic has saved my ass when I was on data with a girl in uganda.
In case you also don’t want to end up with such a chick, you should better find out more about the relationship with her parents.
The best way to do that is by talking about family values and the importance of family.
This is one of the topics to talk about with a girl that shows you straight away, if you want to see her again or not. In case you found out that she loves her family and that she has a healthy relationship with her father, you can connect even more with her, by letting her know how important family is to you.
3. The Craziest Thing She Has Ever Done
Do you want to find out if you are dating a party killer or a girl who is ready to have some fun with you?
Then ask her about the craziest thing she has ever done. Tell her that you won’t judge her for anything and that she can be completely honest with you.

I have never done anything crazy!
In case she is a bit shy you can start and tell her one of your crazy experiences. If you can’t think of any crazy experience, you should book a flight to a country of your choice and start to live your life.
Once she revealed the craziest thing she has ever done to you, you can start to play a game by telling each other all the crazy things that you have ever done.
The one who has experienced more crazy stuff wins and gets a kiss.
The best thing about this game is that every story she shares with you reveals new potential topics to talk about with her.
4. The Meaning of Life
Are you into philosophical and spiritual women?
Then find out if she is one by talking about the meaning of life.
I know it sounds cheesy but I had very positive experiences whenever I chose this topic. All you have to do to get laid after you talked about the meaning of life is to cheat a little bit.
Don’t just tell her that you think we are here for a purpose. Let her know that you are convinced that we are here to enjoy our lives, to live out our desires and to live every day as if it was our last. Believe me, this YOLO propaganda has a magical effect on a woman’s willingness to jump in bed with you.
5. Love
Love is one of the topics to talk about with a girl that you should only use if you are interested in a relationship.
Talking about love for hours, just to throw her out of your apartment after you had sex is not very gentleman-like.
If you, however, want to make a woman fall in love with you, talking about love is definitely not the wrong thing to do. Every human being wants to feel loved and being loved is one of the most beautiful feelings that you can experience, no matter you are a strong alpha male or a petite girl.
By talking about love with you, she will intuitively start to feel those positive emotions, while her subconscious mind tries to connect them with you.
6. Travel Adventures
Traveling definitely belongs to the evergreen topics to talk about with a girl. As far as I can remember I have only been on a date with one girl who actually told me that she hates to travel and that she can’t understand why people want to see other countries. I never called her again.
Unless you date such a pain in the arse, you can’t make anything wrong by talking about traveling.

You just don’t want to know exactly what she did to get from A to B
People from all over the world link traveling to freedom, excitement and adventure. Having those feelings on a first date is a good start for a happy relationship.
7. Craziest Sexual Experience
Instead of asking her about her craziest experiences outside the bedroom, you can also ask her about her craziest experiences inside the bedroom. Of course the chances that she will tell you the truth are higher when you already have a sexual connection and when you have at least touched some parts of her body. However, I also met girls who shared their whole sex life with me right after they told me their name.
In case you have never talked about some really naughty stuff on a first date, you will be amazed at how open most girls are.
Sexual experiences belong to the topics to talk about with a girl that are perfect when you want to increase the sexual tension. Talking about sex makes her think about sex and thinking about sex makes her want to have sex. She can be lucky that you are there to fulfil her needs.
8. Her Dreams
Everybody has a dream. Every human being on this fucked up planet wants to do at least one special thing before he or she kicks the bucket. A dream is not the same as your passion. Your passion is something that you want to do on a regular basis, but your dream is a certain moment in your life that you want to celebrate and that makes you feel in love with the world, whenever you think or talk about it.

“I wanna be the first pornstar who has sex on a space ship…”
That’s exactly the feeling that you want to trigger in her.
Ask her about her dreams and once she has shared them with you, make sure that she also gets to know yours. Talking about such intimate things like dreams can help you to connect with a woman within seconds.
9. The Art of Seduction
“What if I accidentally reveal that my lifelong dream is to become a successful Global Seducer?”
If you are scared that a woman finds out about your dream of becoming a man who is successful with women and if you constantly worry that she might check your browser history and finds out about a site called, you definitely have the wrong mindset.

I can totally imagine that…
Telling a woman that you are studying the art of seduction can lead you straight inside her vagina.
Seriously, the vast majority of girls who I have told that my vision is to help men to live the life of their dreams by seducing the women of their dreams were really excited and interested in this topic.
When a woman sits next to a man who is interested in the art of seduction, she is instinctively attracted to him. Women want to date sexually experienced guys, or at least guys who have the potential to become experienced.
While you are scared that she thinks you are a jerk, she fantasizes about how you put all your sexual skills that you have learned along your journey into practice while you are lying on top of her.
10. Her Biggest Secret
Everybody has something that they don’t want other people to find out.
What if you would ask a woman about her little something when you are meeting her for the first time?
She might not want to reveal it but if she does, she will instantly feel connected to you.
Her biggest secret is one of the topics to talk about with a girl that have the power to make her open up within seconds.
Once she has told you her biggest secret, the barriers to tell you everything else you want to know are pretty low.
How do you address this delicate topic? Simply ask her. Again, women are a lot more open that you might think.
11. Her Hobbies
Other great topics to talk about with a girl are all the different hobbies she has. Knowing about a woman’s hobbies not only reveals who she is and if she has an interesting life. It also gives you the chance to find out if you are a good match for each other.
In case you are a sports freak who goes to the the gym three times a week you probably don’t want to date a girl who gets a heart attack after two sit ups.
Find out what she does and decide whether or not you want to do it with her.
12. Movies
Talking about your favorite movies is more than just fun.
Her taste of movies reveals a lot about her personality.
If I were you I would stay away from girls who list the sickest horror movies when you ask them about their favorite movies. Those chicks aren’t emotionally healthy.

“Oh my God, the way he cut her head off was really awesome…I wish I could do the same one day, hihi”
Besides sifting out the rotten apples, her taste of movies gives you quite a few hints about how you should seduce her and how fast you can go. If she loves Nymphomaniac, you can escalate a lot faster than if she talks about romantic comedy movies with illusionary love stories.
13. Music
Music works in the same way as movies. A girl who listens to emo and death metal has more psychological issues than a girl who listens to Pharrell William’s “Happy”.
Find out what music she listens to and you will not only know if you can enjoy the same songs, but also if she is a person who is generally good for you.
14. Her Favorite Celebrity
I absolutely hate gossiping and I don’t give a shit about whether or not Kim Kardashian squeezes one kilo or two kilo of shit out of her gigantic ass every morning. Nevertheless, I can’t deny the fact that letting her talk about her favorite celebrity is a good way to find out more about her personality.
A girl who regards Miley Cyrus as her idol will probably be a lot more sexually open than a girl who looks up to a Christian singer who sings about staying a virgin until you get married. In this case you should think twice before you end up doing something that you will regret.
15. Childhood Memories
Do you want another topic to talk about with women that trigger positive emotions in her and create a feeling of trust and connection?
Then talk about your and her childhood memories.
Okay, if she had a really bad childhood and got abused by her father you should switch the topic as fast as you can, but the majority of women, at least the ones that I dated, had a good childhood.
By talking with you about her childhood she will feel safe and secure, just like when she was a child and mommy gave her a glass of milk before she went to bed. Now it is your job to give her your milk before she goes to bed.

You make me feel so safe and secure
16. What She Likes in Bed
Speaking of pumping your sperm in her body…
Why don’t you ask her what she likes in bed?
I don’t want to say it a third time but women are usually willing to tell you a lot, when you just ask them the right way. Tell her that you are aware of the fact that this is a delicate topic, but that you are really interested in what women like and what they dislike in the bedroom.
The thought alone of ending up in bed with a man who is interested in finding out what women want in bed will make her horny.
In case she has the slightest interest in you, she will tell you everything you want to know.
Topics Not to Talk About With a Girl: The Taboo Topics 
Now you know all the topics to talk about with a girl that will get you in her mind, heart and vagina.
However, even if you talk about all the stuff that I have just mentioned, you can still mess everything up by choosing the wrong topic.
No matter if you have talked about her passion, her dreams and her favorite movies…
…it was all for nothing if you decide to introduce one of the following topics.
1. Religion
Religion does definitely not belong to the topics to talk about with a girl.
Do yourself a favor and avoid this topic at all cost.
Unless you are 100% sure that you both have the same religion and both have the exact same beliefs, it will only lead to discussions that nobody can win.

“Let’s talk about what we can do to free you from the devil…mwhahahaha”
Every discussion about religion is completely senseless, because you always talk about concepts that only exist in your mind and that can’t be proven. Arguing about who has the cooler imaginable friend is not a good start for a relationship.
2. Your Car, Your House, Your Boat
Trying to impress a woman with material possessions or job titles is a tactic that a lot of guys use. The problem is that it doesn’t work unless you are dating a gold digger. A man who tries to impress women shows nothing but his insecurity.
If you think that you don’t deserve the woman you are with, without talking about your red Porsche, you should work on your self-confidence before you think about topics to talk about with a girl.
3. Politics
The only thing that might be dumber than taking about religion is talking about politics with her. Politics is one of those topics that make it impossible to trigger any of those positive feelings that you need in order to seduce her.

Donald Trump’s hair are real you stupid cow!!!
Even if you have the exact same opinion on the political situation, you will still end up talking about negative shit all the time.
This topic kills sexual attraction faster than if you would shit on the table.
4. Ex-Girlfriends
It is nice that you think about your ex-girlfriend from time to time but the last thing the girl you are dating wants to hear is how you broke up with the girl you met in the exact same restaurant about one year ago.
The worst thing you can do is to badmouth your ex-girlfriend and tell her what kind of bitch she is.
A lot of guys do this and the only thing they communicate by doing it is that they are incapable of having a relationship. She will instinctively be afraid that you are going to do the same with her one day.
5. Weird Sexual Fetishes
Asking a girl about her sexual fantasies is great. Asking her about her craziest sexual experience can also be quite enlightening. Talking about your weirdest sexual fetishes on the first date can be a little bit too much.
In case you have any sexual fetish that would shock her if you would confront her with it, you should better keep them to yourself until she had sex with you. Once she is comfortable in your bed, you can let her know that you want to shit on her.
Bon appetite!
What are some great topics to talk about with a girl? Well, there are quite a few evergreen topics but the best way to find them is by letting her do the talking and by finding out what she likes. If you then have the balls to represent your opinion and add your own experiences, she is yours. After a while you can simply lead over to one of the following topics:
Talk about her hobbies, her passion, the meaning of life, her dreams, her favorite music, movies and celebrities. After that you are ready for the intimate stuff, such as childhood memories and the sex positions she loves he most.
As long as you don’t try to impress her and as long as you avoid delicate topics that only lead to negative energy, such as politics, religion, your ex-girlfriend and sexual fetishes that belong in the zoo, you are good to go.
Have you ever been in a situation in which you couldn’t think of topics to talk about with a girl you were on a date with? I’ve been there a million times.

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