16 Topics to Talk About With a Girl (And 5 to Avoid)

Have you ever been in a situation in which you couldn’t think of any topics to talk about with the girl who was sitting in front of you?
Before I learned the key principles of communicating with women I had countless dates that were nothing but staring contests until I desperately tried to impress her with some irrelevant bullshit that neither her nor I actually cared about.
When I think back to all the dating failures I only had, because I was unable to find the right topics to talk about, I somehow feel sorry for the girls who had to sit next to me for hours while they pretended to be interested in a conversation that doesn’t even deserve to be called a conversation.
Do you want to know what I did about my situation?
I buried my head in the sand and promised to never go on another date again.
No…of course I didn’t do that.
Even after the tenth failed date without sex and sometimes even without a kiss I refused to give up.

I continued to fail until I finally figured out that I should stop talking about Putin, ISIS and cancer…
All those failed dates motivated me even more to find out what it is that distinguishes a boring conversation with a girl from a conversation that leads to an exciting interaction, a connection and eventually to passionate sex.
I already knew how I had to start a conversation with wot men, but I had absolutely no idea what topics to talk about with a girl who I was on a date with. I then turned the conversations I had with women into field studies and I tested every possible topic. Through trial and error I found out which topics arouse women and which turn them off. What I also found out is that there is a five step process that works all the time, when you want to find the best topic.
How to find best topics to talk about with girl
Don’t worry, I will later provide you with a list of tons of topics that you can use when you are on a date with a woman. In addition to that, I will share a few topics with you that you should avoid at all cost, even if you are on a date with a fanatic Nazi chick that shoots porn movies (this sentence will make sense later).
Knowing the topics that make her heart warm and her pussy wet is great but do you know what’s even better?
To know exactly which steps you have to follow in order to find out about the topics that she wants to talk about with you.
Step 1: Let Her Do the Talking
Even though a lot of guys try to impress the women they are dating with all kinds of things, that they don’t really want to hear, the truth is that women don’t want men who are constantly talking. On the one hand, it is far more attractive to be together with a guy who reveals a little bit about himself, while maintaining the image of a mysterious gentleman. The other reason why women don’t want you to talk all the time is because they absolutely love to talk about themselves.

“And then I graduated from college, and then I got this job, and then I got fired for banging my boss…”
When a woman sits next to a man who encourages her to tell him her whole life story she will do it.
The only problem is that a lot of women are afraid of scaring you away by talking too much. We all have seen the annoying chatterboxes in movies. She doesn’t want to appear like one of them. That’s why it is so important to tell her directly that you want to find out more about her and that you want her to talk.
The huge benefit of this approach is that you will have more potential conversation topics by listening to her for ten minutes than other guys by studying whole books.
“I really want to know what kind of person you are. Tell me a little bit about yourself.”
Even if you ask her to tell you a little bit about herself, she will probably tell you a lot. Some women use their monologues to tell you exactly what they like and dislike. Others need a helping hand to reveal those things.
Step 2: Find Out What She Likes
How do you find out what a girl likes?
Use the information she gives you and ask her deeper questions  according to that topic.
Let’s say she tells you that she loves to have fun, but that she is also a very caring person. I think I don’t have to tell you that this information is extremely superficial. A girl who wants to have fun can have this feeling during a gangbang party or while she is feeding her hamster Freddy.

“This bitch lets me starve whenever she goes to her gangbang parties!”
You want more details and the best way to get those details is by asking the right questions:
“What are the things that you like to do for fun?”
“Is fun for you more about excitement or about contentment?”
 “Is there someone in your life who you take care of right now?”
“What does it mean for you to be caring?”
The answers to those questions will reveal what she likes and why she likes it.
Congratulations, now you know how to find topics to talk about with girls. All you have to do now is to make sure that you won’t fuck it up.
Step 3: Represent Your Opinion
How do you fuck up a conversation, even if you talk about the topic that interests her?
By being a little bitch who doesn’t have the courage to represent his own opinion.
Just because you found out that riding horses is her biggest passion, doesn’t mean that you should lie in her face and tell her that you love horses, even though you only love them in the form of salami.
Talking about a topic she likes is great, but don’t become one of those pathetic friend-zoned wimps  who lie in a girl’s face, while they desperately hope she will let her pants drop. Women want to ge seduced by interesting guys who have the balls to say what they think, not by guys who pretend to like something, just because they want to lick her.
You don’t have to say that you hate horses, unless you really do, which would be pretty weird. Just tell her that you have never sat on a horse, but that you can imagine why she likes it (feeling of freedom, adventure etc.).
Step 4: Add Your Own Experiences
If you have the same interests and passions, it is pretty easy to add your own experiences. Just tell her about your last horse riding tournament and she’ll want to bang the shit out of you in the barn.

Share your experiences and your bone fractures with her
You should still add your own experiences, even if they are just indirectly related to horse riding. You could talk about the activities that make you feel alive and free. You could talk about your experiences with animals (non-sexual of course). You could talk about the things that you love to do in nature.
The possibilities are endless.
Just make sure that you throw in a few own experiences that show her that you are an interesting guy who understands what she feels. A woman who has the feeling that you get her and that you are on the same level, will easily trust you and connect with you.
Once you showed her that you are an amazing guy, who she can relate to and who she can connect with, even though you have never been near a horse, it is time to lead over to another topic that eventually makes her fall for you.
Step 5: Lead Over to Related Topics
Finding another related topic that you can talk about in order to trigger similar or even stronger positive feelings in her is not that hard. You can even change the topics every couple of minutes. This keeps the interaction fun and alive.
Women love to switch between topics and it is your job to provide them with wood to let the fire of your conversation burn stronger.

Okay, you shouldn’t go that far to let the fire burn stronger
Always remember that you are the leader and that it is your duty to lead the conversation in the way you want it to go. Leading over to the next topic is easy-peasy. Let’s go back to our horse example. You found out that she loves to ride horses, because it gives her the feeling of freedom and because she loves to take care of animals.
This information alone allows me to spontaneously think about the following topics you could talk about:
– What it means to take care of an animal.
– Her experiences with other animals.
– Why taking care of other beings is fulfilling.
– Other activities that provide her with a feeling of freedom and adventure. For example traveling and sports.
– If she is always an adventure seeker or if she also has a calm and relaxed side.
Again, the possibilities are endless. You can repeat this five step process until you both sound like Darth Vader and need a glass of water to relax your vocal chords. The best would be to repeat it until she looks you in the eyes while she licks her lips. You know what that means.

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